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Posted by Francie Sorem on March 6, 2011 at 3:42 AM

Hey Everyone!                                                    March 6, 2011

So much news to send out since January and it is already March. Spring is here, and the winter woes are almost in the rear view mirror. Here is a list of the things i will cover today


  • Travel schedule through June
  •  Hair show news from the ISSE Long Beach show in Jan.
  •  New Products available at Final Cut 
  • Tranquility Lounge News
  •  Promotions 
  • Stylist info


 Travel: This Friday, Amy Kathleen and I will be traveling to Chicago for the Midwest beauty show. Our goals are to further our education, research a new skin care and haircare line, meet up with Brig and Ben from Shear Genius and have a great time.

Here is the Travel Schedule:


  • March 11th,Friday returning late Tuesday the 15th Chicago, Amy,Kathleen,and Francie
  •  March 26th, Saturday returning Tuesday eve. the 29th Grand Canyon Francie
  •  April 13th, Wednesday returning late Sunday the 17th Santa Fe Francie
  •  May 14th, Saturday returning tuesday the 17th Hershey PA. Francie
  •  June 3rd Friday returning Monday the 6th Boston Francie


 Whew, lots of destinatons but at leastr i am not gone too long. i have openings left this week before i leave so please call to schedule.

As many of you know every year we attend the Long beach hair show and reassess what we are offering to our clients as far as support for your hair and skin. This year Amy, Kathleen Jo Nelle and I went in search of higher learning. There is so much to see from so many. That is why I decided back in December to bring Amy and Kathleen to Chicago for the ABS show as their Christmas present (along with a career investment payment from them!).

Here are the new products we found in Long Beach:

Eyelash Enhancer Rapid Lash eyelash renewal serum $50 see results and story at Many of you have been asking about an eyelash and eyebrow enhancer. This one is much more reasonably priced then Latisse and very effective.

Dry Shampoo We now carry Batiste dry shampoo in both regular and travel size. $7-$13 Kathleen tried it and got tons of volume out of second day hair, a rarity for her, she highly recommends it.

Breakout Barrier Ever have that one breakout that always seems to pop up before a special event? this anti blemish drying lotion starts working instantly and dries up blemishes in 24 to 48 hours max. Everyone should have this in their makeup box! $30.

Hair Smoothing Systems With all of the interest in the Brazilian Blowout treatments we have been testing a Vegan alternative from Zerran that is supposed to last 2-4 months. we are currently tracking the service for longevity and we will keep you posted.

Coming soon! We are looking at a couple of skin care additions and a new premium shampoo and conditioner system comparable to Purology. Will fill you in soon on those!

Tranquility Lounge News: Jo Nelle is doing a great job taking over our skin care department and has been building a very loyal base of facial clients, thank you to all for embracing her into our studio. With the warmer weather around the corner, she would like to remind you it's almost bathing suit time and her Brazilian waxes will be priced at $40 for the month of March.

Promotions: With the desire to bring in new products we are going to be eliminating some of the products from the lines we are currently using. We promise to provide you with your favorites so don't worry about that. We have decided to add in a 40% off basket into our retail area, changing it out from week to week. it will be a first come, first serve purchase and i will email a picture of it to you to show you what is available. There will be hair care and skin care products included.

Stylist News: As many of you are aware, our business is pretty much on an appointment only system. I am happy to announce that both Amy(619-962-2400) and Kathleen(617-905-8105) are doing so well growing their client base that they are both able to commit more time to us here in the studio. Congrats to Amy for quitting her other job and joining us full time! Kathleen and Amy both assist me on certain days but are available most days. Don't forget to add them to your cell phone so you can easily refer them to your friends! Jamie(858-445-1037) continues to make our studio her new business address and we are proud to have her here. Please check out our web page below for their bios and menus of service.

And as always I would like to remind you all how valuable your loyalty has been to us for so long. thanks for making our studio your choice for your beauty services. If you know of anyone who might be interested, please forward this email to them and if you would like to be removed from this list, please let me know as well.

happy warmer days to all


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