Final Cut Studio Final Cut Studio Kathleen Connolly "I came to Final Cut on a referral from a friend as a client. After my experience at the salon, I knew I had to be in the industry. Final Cut was exactly the type of environment I wanted to surround myself in!" 65059562 Francie Sorem ?Having the opportunity to work with the many gifted professionals I have learned from, has inspired me to share that knowledge with others.? 65059563 Daniele Grissom ?I feel fortunate to have an outstanding group of mentors and clients alike in my practice. My passion for the craft grows with each individual I am able to help. Helping people to heal, relax, and feel better about themselves brings me great joy!" 65059564 Amy Nicoletti "My commitment to my clients is to hear their needs and concerns regarding their hair and provide them with great look they will love and a style they will be able to duplicate even after they leave the salon." 65059565 189920989 Adrianna De Los Reyes 65059566 65059567 65059568 65059569 65059570 65059571 65059572 65059573 65059574 65059575 65059576 65059577 65059578 65059579 65059580 65059581 65059582 65059583 65059584