Styling tips event 1 Styling tips event 1 Adrianna uses the new joico iron on Linda's long locks 74229645 a conditioning treatment 74229646 and straightening service in one 74229647 just like that Linda can convert her windblown curls 74229648 into sleek submission! 74229649 Shauna has beautiful distinct natural curl 74229650 but who wants to look the same all the time 74229651 Shauna as a super model 74229852 Monique has nice curl but can be a little frizzy if not contained 74229855 Adri teaches her how to curl her hair with the smoothing iron 74229853 sassy and bold her color non traditional 74229854 but her hair highly sophisticated 74229856 a great polished look 74229857 going from a casual to formal look with ease 74229858